Hi! I am Eliana, the lucky girl who gets to design beautiful wedding flowers for the most awesome people on earth. I have been working with flowers since I was 18, and I have worked in different floral shops, both here and in Brazil – my homeland – before I founded Eliana Nunes Floral Design in 2011. Starting my own floral design studio was answering a call from my heart to do what I loved, which was exciting and terrifying at the same time. After a lot of prayers, trial, errors, and adjustments, I am happy to say I would never look back. Helping couples by creating personal, beautiful and elegant floral designs for their wedding day is something that makes me extremely happy. The moment I look at a finished room, and see the floral designs we created lend the final touches that complete the ambiance for such a special celebration, the feeling is beyond gratitude, to know that I got to help to make everything happen seamlessly and beautifully. A wedding day it’s about love, it’s about two people choosing each other to spend the rest of their lives with. Creating a beautiful, memorable and stress free experience for each couple is my ultimate goal. My recipe for creating floral decor that will be timeless is simple; your style and your desires + my expertise and ability to create something uniquely yours = gorgeous wedding decor that you will still love each time you look back at the memories.

If you would like to say hello, feel free to drop me a line here. If you would like to read some random facts about me, just click on the link below.

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Random Facts About Me

I swear by dancing in the summer rain.  I sincerely believe it washes the soul. I’ve done it every chance I get since I was a kid, and I plan on still doing it when I’m 80 years old!

I’m an overly sensitive softy who cries for anything – especially when I have to say goodbye to my family each year after spending Christmas and New Years with them back in Brazil (it’s been over 10 years since I’ve moved, and we promise we won’t cry this time, but sure enough we fail every time) – but I am also strong willed and independent, and a tiny bit stubborn when I set my mind on something.  

I think aloud so I talk to myself, all the time. I guess it wouldn’t be so silly if I didn’t also reply back and forth and then started laughing at myself.  

I am a very spiritual Christian, but I do not belong to any religious organization. I believe relationships with God are more personal than anything. My faith has always played a big part in my life. I believe in loving others by being kind, helpful, charitable and accepting.

I love nature. Every chance I get I find myself recharging at the beach (is the ocean not the ultimate cure for modern life stress?), the mountains, or the tropics when I am lucky enough. Most of my inspiration comes from nature, but I believe inspiration is everywhere around us, every day.

I love getting lost in a good book; I love playing volleyball and soccer (don’t ask me to sit down and watch any games on TV though, I have to be in the action); I love hiking, cooking (cheers to good food and wine!), spontaneous road trips, late night random conversations with friends, painting, dancing, gardening…I am always finding new things I like to do, what I have trouble finding is enough time.

When I was about 6 years old, there were these Plumeria trees in front of my house, with stairs going down between them. I used to sit there after school and pick all the pretty blooms that would fall down, and pretend I was decorating the walkway for a wedding. I still remember it felt as fulfilling as it does to decorate weddings for my couples now.

 I am an eclectic floral designer as I am in my personal style – you will find stilettos and converses side by side in my closet. My floral style pulls inspiration from all different styles to keep a fresh and flexible approach to each project.  When I create your wedding flowers, it is your personality and style I want to bring in, not my own. That keeps things exciting and fresh for my creative, quick to get bored mind, while providing you with floral décor that is personal and thoughtful.

I have been doing flowers for over 14 years now, taking a break (only professionally, as I was always finding an excuse to be around flowers) when I first moved to the US. I feel a little bit old saying that, but I am also proud of the experience I have accumulated over these years, which allow me to execute events of any size (including a wedding with 600 guests) with confidence that I will deliver the results my clients have come to expect from me.  

“Eliana is the best florist ever. She’s very sweet and responsive. She knows what she’s talking about regarding flowers and design. She doesn’t need too much direction either. I definitely did not feel like I needed to micromanage her because I knew I was in good hands. She provided great samples during our second meeting. The flowers at our wedding were GORGEOUS. I wish I could have flowers like that everyday. I was beyond pleased with everything that Eliana provided and I would recommend her services to anyone who’s looking for an amazing florist.”
Lauren & Crandell
via wedding wire

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