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"It was so nice to be able to work with a florist who understood our vision and our culture. Eliana was very accommodating and easy to work with and the final results were beautiful" -Irene S

Here at Eliana Nunes Floral Design, we know how important a Quinceañera celebration is and we love to help families create the perfect décor for this special date in a girls life. From a Quinceañera bouquet, to the ceremony, to a lavish reception décor that will truly have a girl feeling like a princess, we are specialists in handling any part of your Quinceañera floral décor. Whether you want to decorate in pastel colors, or in bold and bright colors – which have become increasingly popular over the last few years – we will guide you thru your options and make sure you get the most beautiful décor that will suit your style and translate your individuality in every detail. We make our process as simple and easy for you as possible, so that you can have more time to plan all the other important things that come along. See a little more about how we work bellow, and contact us to get started planning your Quinceañera floral décor with us. We look forward to being your florist!

Step 1 - Check for Date Availability

The first step is to check to make sure we are available for your Quinceañera. As much as we would love to be the florist for everyone who contacts us, we can only acomodate a limited amount of events on a day, so making sure your date is available is the first step to get started. You can fund that by sending us the form bellow, or giving us a call. Our dates fill up quite fast, so don’t delay in checking if you are interested in working with us.

Step 2 - Tell us more

Once we know that your date is available, we will have a few more questions for you to help us better understand your needs and enable us to provide you with information that is helpful and fitted for your event. Once you submit the form bellow, we will get back with you with any additional questions we may have as well as more information for you as requested and answers to any questions you may send.

Step 3 - Get an Estimate

Once we know we are available and have enough information about your Quinceañera floral needs, we will provide you with an estimate of costs for your desired décor - while it won’t be a precise proposal yet, it will give you a good idea of the price ranges and it’s a good start to help you set the right budget for your flowers.

Step 4 - Schedule a Consultation

Now that you have a price range estimate for your Quinceañera floral décor, is time to schedule a meeting so we can discuss more details of your event and start working on a precise proposal just for you, based on specific needs, preferences and style. We will get to discuss flowers you like, colors to complement your style and everything needed to create an amazing décor for you!

Step 5 - Book Your Date

Once you have a precise proposal from us, its time to nook your date! Because we experience high demand for our services, our estimates are good for 15 days. Once you book your date with us, we will schedule a second meeting to present your sample centerpiece if that applies to you - we offer one free sample centerpiece for décor starting at $2500 and up. For events of less than $2500, you may choose to purchase a sample centerpiece ahead of time if you would like. After that, we all set to go and if anything changes, we will discuss details along the way. We are always here to help and want to make your experience a great one. Because planning your Quinceañera should be fun.

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