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Winston Salem Florist - Tips for Selecting a Good Florist

Looking for a Winston Salem florist can be a bit overwhelming. There are so many options to choose from that it can be difficult to make a decision. Here are a few tips to help you make sure you are getting the best for your money.

First, make sure you are choosing a florist that is local where you are sending your flowers, and not an "order gatherer" website posing as a local Winston Salem florist. There are way too many of those out there and you want to stay away from them for too many reasons. They are not local florists, but rather people who build websites and post images of flowers with prices for you to buy.

Most of the time, they ultimately do not know anything about flowers. Once you make your purchase, they send your order to a real florist, taking out a good commission from it that they do not warn you about. Many times, information will get lost in the process as well, making mistakes more likely to happen. Ultimately, the florist will not receive what you paid to them so no matter how good the Winston Salem florist may be, they can only give you something in the price range they receive so you will be getting less than what you paid for because someone is getting a commission just for talking your order and passing it on.

So the best thing to do is to be sure you are placing your order directly with a local florist, whether online or over the phone. An easy way to separate a real local florist from order gatherers is by looking for an address on the website where you are getting ready to place your order. Local florist's websites usually will display a physical address on their home page as well as have a local phone number. Many florists have a 1800 number, but they will most likely have a local number as well.

If you are ordering over the phone, ask them where they are located and if you can come visit the shop or come choose your Winston Salem flowers to use in the arrangement. If they don't have a store front or studio, they are most likely not a real Winston Salem florist.

Winston Salem Florist - Final Selection Process

Once you have chosen a real local Winston Salem florist, you still have to be sure you are getting the right one. One good tip is to look on the website for products that were made in the shop. Many florists display a website with stock photos but there are no photos of any flowers done in their shop. That makes it hard for you to know the quality of their work. So look for florists that have photos of at least some of their work displayed so you know what type of work they can do.

Another good thing to look for is reviews. Whether on Google, the florist's Facebook page or general review websites online, it is always good to read other peoples experiences beforehand. After finding a real local Winston Salem florist that shows some work you like, you can feel a lot more confident about placing your order.

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