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Winston Salem Flowers - When Free Flower Delivery Isn't Free

Winston Salem flowers can be purchased from many different florists who claim to offer 'free delivery'. It all sounds good, but the question is, is it really free? Most likely not, and we will tell you why.

A delivery fee is a service, one we often dread to have to pay for because it is an added fee, but it is a service that will cost the florist to provide you. Think about it; it will take a vehicle, gas, and an employee to make each flower delivery. If a fair price is being charged for the flowers, then how can a Winston Salem florist offer a free delivery without taking a loss? That simply isn't possible, unless the Winston Salem flowers are overpriced to compensate the delivery fee, so you don't have to know you are paying for a delivery fee but the florist is still getting a payment for it. We believe you have the right to know how much you are paying for the flowers and how much you are paying for delivery, so we clearly state our delivery fee for every order you place with us, on our website or over the phone. We think that's the right thing to do.

Now, a florist may offer free delivery to a funeral home that is close to their shop, or to businesses that are in their vicinity, or even free delivery for orders over a certain amount. We offer that as well. Now to offer free delivery for every order of Winston Salem flowers is nearly impossible, unless you are adding that fee somewhere else.

Winston Salem Flowers - The Hidden Truth of 'Free Delivery'

Most of the time when a florist says they are offering you free delivery for every order, the delivery fee will be included in the arrangement price. In the end, if you sit side by side a $50 arrangement from a florist who charged you a $9.95 delivery fee, and a $50 from a florist who claimed to provide free delivery, you will be able to notice that the second will be smaller and/or or have less flowers than the first.

So, really, if your budget was to stay under $50, you could have ordered a $40 from the florist who charged you a delivery fee and you would have gotten the same value, most likely, with the difference that your delivery fee was clearly stated to you, and not slipped into the price of your Winston Salem flowers. Would you not always prefer to know exactly how much you are getting into your flower arrangement itself?

Winston Salem Flowers - Know What You're Getting

So the bottom line is that it isn't possible to offer free delivery that is truly free. We believe in being upfront with our customers and we refuse to claim we are offering free Winston Salem flower delivery and include it in the price of flowers. Besides, if we do that, what about the customers who come in to pick up their flowers, should they pay for a hidden delivery fee as well? We don't think so, and that's why we tell our customers upfront about our delivery fee. We do not believe in hidden fees.

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